What : This is my first pregnancy at first trimester. I have felt the weirdest mixed feeling in my life. To put into words it is something like feeling surprised, nervous, have no idea what to do, worry, moody and also at the same time i feel funny, happy, actually the happiest :), and most importantly i felt grateful to God for the little magic that is growing in me.

Physically, it is really uncomfortable. I have been so sick, sore throat, fever, vomitting, nausea, lost appetite and just zero energy. The good news is how terrible you feel at the beginning, it is completely normal.

Week count : 0 weeks – 13 weeks
Do :
  • Go visit doctor, and have a check. To make sure the little baby is fine.
  • Do what makes you feel better
  • Eat vitamins and nutritious food as much as you can
  • Trust your baby and your body, they are pretty strong to live if God allows.
  • It is okay to do the usual activity or traveling abroad, as long as you keep yourself healthy.
  • Take photos for good memory 🙂
  • Talk to your partner and family of how you feel. Trust me, emotional support plays major part to keep you feeling positive.
  • Pray to God that everything will be okay.
Don’t :
  • Don’t spend too much time googling everything that makes you curious about pregnancy. Sometimes the internet will give you the worst case scenario and it makes you worry and keep thinking about it unnecessarily.
  • Don’t force yourself to eat this and that just because people said so.
  • Do not listen much of what people say. You know what you feel best for your body, what you do and what you eat. It is your body, time to love it more and pay more attention to it.


Week 4 (first test)

My cat reaction when i told him he will be big brother this year, lol.

Week 5

My first little magic, God given love.

Week 7

First time i heard the baby heartbeat. Tears of happiness to know he or she stays strong in my hard days 🙂

Week 12

Now i can see my little baby arms and legs. How cute!

The end (to be continued to second trimester post)