What : Color changing flower jelly lipstick according to your body temperature. It went viral after so many beauty bloggers put it online.
Products : Color changing lip moisturiser
My choice will be : Barbiedoll power and Minute Maid
Review :
  • It looked so pretty tho, there is real dried flower and gold flakes
  • No matter what color the flower is, color changing lipstick will turn PINK on your lips.
  • It comes with different cover, there are red ones with mirrors, or plain gold ones or some blink blink which i did not buy.
  • Now, the truth is cosmetic products like this has been around in the past. It is just a beautiful version of color changing lipstick. So quality wise, it is very.. normal nothing special, even though it last very long on your lips after drinking and heavy meals. Pretty impressive.
  • There is this thing that i can not take, that it has ‘weird’ scent. People said it smells like vanilla or sweet scent. To me, it smells bad. Like candle or plastic. Instead of wearing lipstick i felt like applying candle wax onto my lips.
  • Do i recommend you to buy this? No. But if you want to have it as photo accessories or decorating your make up vanity table, please go ahead 🙂 It is pretty.
  • Pricey for this quality. This should be sold really cheap in the market.
  • Whoever made this product must have good sense of humor. It is made in china but on the box it said “Kailijumei Germany” lol.

Photos taken by  NikonD7000 and iphone 7 plus:



Kailijumei Germany

Kailijumei Germany. Whoever made this product must have good sense of humor. It is made in China but why there is Germany for?


Pink flower for BarbieDoll Powder, Yellow flower for Minute Maid


Close up look of Barbiedoll powder


Red color cap has mirror, while plain gold color has no mirror


If you got this, enjoy and have fun 🙂

More information about Kailijumei:



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