What : Just get to the point, second trimester of pregnancy is such a relief. I am currently at the end of my second trimester and the past few months i felt the healthiest state during pregnancy. This time was pretty much the opposite of the first trimester, so horray!

No more nausea, your appetite is back, your energy is back, you feel less crazy and back being yourself again. Even sometimes you don’t feel pregnant at all, lol.

The good thing is baby is growing rapidly, literally you can see the bump is getting bigger week by week. Now the most exciting part is baby starts moving and i freaked out for the first time. It started really soft until you really can feel something is kicking from the inside of your belly. I have no words to explain, first time was so creepy yet cute. It is just amazing feeling.

The more you feel your baby is moving around, you will love it more because it means he/she is healthy and fine 🙂

Week count : 13  weeks – 24 weeks
Do :
  • Move your body, light exercise. Seriously it helps me to keep up with my stamina, and add up energy for doing household chores.
  • Eat nutritious food and snacks. Your appetite is  raging over and taking control at second trimester. But remember, baby is taking so much from your body so you have to nourish up to replenish what your body needs. I ate 5-6 times a day (small portion of course, and try to have fresh food choice by cooking  or making your own snack instead of ready made or processed food. Why? because cakes and sugary food makes my body tired and sleepy instead of giving me energy).
  • Research your baby shopping list, what’s necessary and what’s not.
  • Keep updating your spouse of how you feel, your health, and your mood. He will be glad to help out if you need him to.
  • Do positive things, keep tracking your pregnancy condition like simply  taking your baby bump photos and be happy!
Don’t :
  • Don’t listen to craps people say you have to eat this and that, do this and that, what cosmetics you should use and don’t. So before you decide what to do, read up, do some research. What is actually good, what is not. It is your body, your mind, you are in control.
  • While your bump is growing, people will say things about your body whether it is positive or negative (simple example that happened to me is like “you are too skinny, you are still skinny. You should put more weight while your pregnant and so on”). Well, just chill and relax, human is made in various sizes, so what. If you are healthy and living happily ever after, that’s more than enough. Trust your body, it is already working hard for the baby. Be grateful instead.
  • I know some little things can stressed you out easily, but do not stress to much. Pregnancy journey should be enjoyable moment.

Week 14

Week 20

My baby cat with baby human 🙂

Week 21

After yoga class

Week 23

I really feel pregnant at second trimester, lol.


The end (to be continued to third trimester post)